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June 24 at 5:00pm until June 29 at 6:30pm

    Adventures on Promise Island

    Come and join us in the summer fun on Promise Island…

    Visit our workers of GOD in the coconut cafe, lifequard lagoon, 

    project point and share the message of GOD’s word in the classrooms…

    Preschool 1 ages 2-3 will be in the Angel Fish room, 

    Preschool 2 ages 4-5 with be in the Clown Fish room, 

    Primary ages 6,7,8 with be in the Jelly Fish room, 

    Preteen ages 9,10,11 with be in the Star Fish room 

    and Teens ages 12+ will be in the Sword Fish room..

    Come out and worship with us every night beginning at 6:30pm to 8:30pm..

    We would love to teach your child or children of GOD’s great promises