Women Active for Christ

We are a group of Godly women making a world of difference.
Touching the lives of

….missionaries   ….hurting people   ….youth  ….those without Christ


Women Active for Christ is a place where women like you can come and build strong relationships with other women and find encouragement and joy by getting involved in the lives of others. Women who live with one purpose in mind:
to know Christ and make Him known!!

Our first priority is to build strong families, to encourage and strengthen women for all the responsibilities of home life. WMC offers help, hope and prayer. We are a community of women who care for women’s need and the needs of their family.

WMC is dedicated to supporting and serving the church wherever we can….
Prayer support for our members and for God’s work around the world through supporting of missionaries.

Service groups teaching and using our talents to further the ministry of the church.

Bible Study groups for women.

Stewardship, in giving of our financial resources to support the church.

Supporting and encouraging our ministers.



“Everyone of us can be a missionary, in prayer, in purse, and in person.”And for most of us that means doing what we can to serve others…right where God has placed us. In our communities. One person at a time.

We at WMC go out into our communities handing out church tracts and invitations to come to church in the meantime witnessing and telling others about Jesus Christ.

We visit our Nursing Homes in our surrounding areas we minister to the elderly in song of praise.


WMC, we show women how God has a place for each of us in the Great Commission, and how each one of us can help enlarge God’s kingdom around the world.

But how can I possibly make a difference in the world???


PRAYER for missionaries worldwide.

LEARNING more about Freewill Baptist missionaries and their ministries

ONGOING financial support to mission efforts

THE PROVISION CLOSET, which provides household items for missionaries

LEARNING about the unreached people of the world, the cultures and countries in which they live

SHORT-TERM mission efforts, the experience of a lifetime

We have been given an unbelievable opportunity to help build Christ’s Church all over the WORLD!!! We have a place in building His Kingdom!!!


If you are looking for a place to belong, to learn, to pray, to serve, to grow in faith, WMC has just the place for you!! Women like you who want closer relationships, stronger families,and a closer walk with God!!