The Youth has placed a Christmas Angel Tree in the church’s foyer with 20 angels on it. We are hoping to see them all gone and returned by November 3, 2013!!

Each Angel we sponser we spend $100.00 on them. If you take an Angel that does not mean you have to spend the full $100.00. You may share this Angel with family and friends to raise the money however God has blessed you to do so!

When we take the youth out we ask them to be bargin shoppers. The Angels are bought shirts, pants, under garments, shoes, coats, pajamas, toboggon sets, toiletries, school needs, and last a small toy.

Our Angels come from Family Resources in Floyd and Johnson County. The schools are always happy to have our help arrive as they say they are always bombarded with children in need, and fear that some children may be left out. If you know of any children in our community that may be in need please let us know!!