Harvest Freewill Baptist Child Care Ministies

is a non profit agency that provides a loving home like atmosphere for abused,

neglected, abandoned or troubled children. This facility is being supported by

the Freewill Baptist Association and also many Women Active for Christ ministries.

Our own WMC will be accepting donations to help supply the needs of this facility.

Current Need List:

Canned fruit and or vegetables                            BBQ Sauce
Spaghetti Sauce                                                       Cake Mix
Tomato Sauce                                                           Icing
Sloppy Joe Sauce                                                     Brownie/Muffin Mix
Peanut Butter                                                           Microwave Popcorn
Jelly                                                                            Snack Foods
Mayo                                                                           Macoroni & Cheese
Mustard                                                                      Salad Dressing
Ketchup                                                                      Grocery Gift Cards
Pickles                                                                        Sugar, Flour, Meal
Relish                                                                          Office Supplies
Cereals                                                                       Tissue Paper
Soups                                                                          Paper Plates
Pasta                                                                          Plastic Utensils
Taco Shells & seasoning                                         Cleaning Supplies